You’re Killin Me Smalls

Technology does not suit well with my parents. A few years back, it was a struggle to teach my mom how to use a mobile phone. She kept shaking her head, and telling me that she does not need it because we still have our telephone at home. I argued that it’s for emergencies. She shrugged me off, but soon realized the importance when one night, when she was doing her nightly jog, she came across a man who looked a bit suspicious. Long story short, she finally saw the advantage of it.

I live just a few blocks away from my parent’s house. Working as a freelance writer allows me to have a lot of free time on my hands and, visit them as often as I can.

It’s very nice having them so close. Every once in while I stay the night.. Just like last Sunday, I called up my mom, and told her that I will be staying over the house because my roommate was having a party at our place. Mom was excited to prepare dinner, a rare occasion since my dad spends most of his time in front of the television.

I arrived at about three in the afternoon. My dad was already in the family room, in front of his 1960’s television set, flipping channels, so I decided to go up to my room to take a quick nap.

Mom woke me up, and asked if I can help my dad with his TV. I went down, and joined him. He was scratching his head because when he chose a channel, the TV signal would go off, and when it came back up, it would go to a different channel. I asked my dad if I could give it a try. He handed me the remote, and I tried to make it work for about half an hour. I did all the troubleshooting techniques that I know, and even called up my boyfriend for some technical assistance. . I was getting impatient, as it seemed the TV was not getting any better, I blurted out, “You’re killin me smalls!” My dad looked at me blankly, and just nodded.

Yeah, it’s a small TV he says. I looked at him, and laughed! Tears were literally coming out of my eyes!

My dad turned red, and was about to get up his chair. I immediately got hold of myself, and told him the synopsis of The Sandlot movie where one of the lead character was a boy named Scottie Smalls, and it was because of him being naive, and that the expression was out of frustration when he didn’t get what his teammates were talking about. I made him remember that it was the movie that made me want to be a baseball player when I was younger.

He just kept nodding his head, but I know he still does not understand it. I was about to explain it further then mom called us for dinner. My dad did not bring it up when we were having dinner. I feel embarrassed for laughing out that loud that I know I have to make amends.

I was back in my room, still feeling the guilt of my actions, I suddenly remember that my dad’s birthday is coming up. I have decided that since the TV is too old school already, I can give him a brand-new TV complete with audio installation as a birthday gift. My dad loves going to the movies but hates the cinema seats with a passion so this will be a great idea!

As I was about to search online on what brands to buy, I remembered Larry, a friend of mine, recommending a company who does audio / video installation. I checked in my bag, and found the business card, Layer-1 Technologies.

The next day, I called them up, and gave them details about what I want for my parent’s home theater set up. I hope my dad will love this gift. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees it all set up! I also need to buy him a few DVDs to start off his collection. The Sandlot movie maybe, so that we can all watch it together. I hope he’ll understand what I meant! I guess I will see. Either way I look forward to seeing one childhood favorite movies.


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