Ya See, Ya See? (Donated)

So since we are new to blogging, and forgot to set up the user commenting function (since fixed) we missed out on a great story!

Becky Stripe emailed us on May 1st with this great story… we took the liberty of posting the video she’s talking about…

Here goes:
“Finally! When I saw your blog I knew that somebody else understood!

My Mom is from the Middle East and she’s been here in Austin for more than 40 years. But apparently sometimes that doesn’t make any difference. I love her, but she just doesn’t get it!

There’s one incident that your post reminded me of.

My little brother and I were in college in the late 90’s, and we went to different schools. Because of my Dad we’re both rabid football fans. A few years after graduation, my old football team made it to one of the bowl games and as unbelievable as it sounds they were playing my brother’s Alma mater.

It was Thanksgiving day and the whole family was me (of course). My brother, being his true obnoxious self, would have nothing to do with it! I can still hear his tantrum about how he didn’t care what the odds makers had to say. “Who cares what Vegas says! Who cares what Vegas says!” All throughout the morning up until turkey-teeting at mom and dad’s. All of my aunts, uncles and cousins were there, and everyone knew that my brother and I were going to be in a huge shout-fest over the game. Longhorns were the overwhelming favoritime, he must’ve said it 100 times to every adult and I think three times to every one of the kids. He just wouldn’t hear it.

Well as you can imagine, the Longhorns got their butts kicked and the thing that happened next is why I am posting this. Oh BTW, I forgot to mention that my brother and I are also crazy Seinfeld fans. Every time we saw each other, we would quote endlessly back and forth from our favorite episodes. And that day was no different.

So, the second the clock ran out on the game, my brother was launched out of his chair like he’d sat on a rocket. Like a peacock, he comes strutting over to me waving his arms yelling, “Ya see! Ya see!” and immediately I saw where he was going. It was the famous Seinfeld rant, when George and Jerry were in the back of the limo that they had just commandeered from the airport. They just found out from the driver that he was taking them to Madison Square Garden and George figured that they must be going to the Knicks/Bulls game. And that’s when he said,

Ya see! Ya see! I see things as they are and I say, ‘no!’ Uh, wait,
you see things as they are not and you s- Wait, uh, you see things, do you see things as they are? What do you say when you see things??

And they both mumble on trying to figure out how the saying really goes.

Anyway, we went on with the routine flawlessly and everybody in the room, including the kids, roared and laughed uncontrollably. All except Mom. Poor Mom just sat there. She smiled, and even chuckled a bit, but my brother and I knew that she had NO IDEA what just happened.

Although at the time it seemed funny that she was lost, in reality I felt just like you did in the beginning of your blog when you said you didn’t like seeing your parents left in the dark. That somehow they didn’t deserve that. Well I felt the same way. And that’s why I’m contributing to your blog. It’s funny but somehow it’s not fair. So if I can contribute to the cause of helping out I’m willing to do so. Thanks for doing this,

MMISLT (My Mom Is Sometimes Lost Too!)”

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