The Simpsons

Inseparable Brothers

It’s funny how you still get surprised by the person you thought you knew all your life.

Well, my dad and his brother are very close. Since it was just the two of them growing up, they spend a lot of time together. They played basketball, did their homework and dated girls together. It was like they were each other’s best friends.

Though they seem to have the same interests and hobbies, my Uncle Fred however, is a natural born comedian. He would always be cracking jokes here and there. According to my dad, his funny personality would be part of getting them both dates back when they were still teenagers, and eventually won the heart of his wife, my Aunt Sally!

Dad and uncle Fred would usually have mini-catch up reunions whenever my uncle would be in the area. Just last week, my dad called me up saying that Uncle Fred will be in town for a few weeks, and he wants to have dinner with us. This will be so exciting, it’s been a while.

The Unthinkable

I met with them at our favorite Italian restaurant (not gonna share with you guys because I want to be able to get seats whenever I want! LOL! Unless you ask me in the comments, then ..maybe). Mom and Dad were there already. I kissed them both and asked where Uncle Fred is. They were in deep discussion and then warned me that Uncle Fred is having some relationship difficulties, as he relayed to my dad over the phone. I got a bit worried and our huddle was cut short when I saw Uncle Fred approaching our table.

I kissed him on the cheek and asked him about his business, and where he is off to after this stop over. I did not want to mention about his family problem, because I don’t think it’s any of my business.

Dinner went well. We talked about everything, but avoided any discussion about family.

While waiting for our dessert to arrive, my uncle turned to me and asked how is my relationship with my boyfriend, John. I was about to answer when he said, “Just a few words for you before you get married. Remember, marriage is like a coffin, and each kid is another nail.” My dad could not hide the shock on his face, and immediately consoled his brother as for me, I smirked and thought that sounds very familiar.

I then said, “ You know, it takes two to lie: one to lie and one to listen.” Mom and dad looked down their plate because they don’t know what to say anymore. As for me, I was smirking because I am trying very hard not to laugh while Uncle Fred kept coughing. Our eyes met, and we just laughed uncontrollably that my parents looked at us like we were lunatics!

It Gets Better

I did not know that my Uncle Fred is also a Simpsons fan!

Uncle Fred quickly denied the story he made that his marriage is on the rocks, and further explained that when he was on the plane, he watched the Simpsons show, and thought that it would be fun playing a prank on my dad!

We both started imitating Homer Simpson’s voice. I decided to do Marge Simpson’s voice as well. We were throwing lines from various episodes of the show. The evening that started out sad ended with Uncle Fred’s usual comedic acts.

Since I was going to meet up some friends for drinks, I asked to be excused from dinner. My parents are still confused so when I kissed my Uncle Fred, I whispered that he needs to explain it a bit further or let my dad watch the episode so that he would understand.

Oh Uncle Fred!

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