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Ready To Binge
Do you binge-watch? I have to admit that I do that a lot with my brother. If I know that there’s a long weekend on the way, I make sure that my TV show lineup is all set if I am too lazy to go out. Good thing my brother, Mark and I like the same shows.

I am not sure if this is a new type of relaxation we, millennials, have created because my mom would lecture us on how television would strain our eyes, or that when she was our age, she would be out with her friends, either by the lake, or doing something fun.

My parents are not used to watching TV. They would only have it switched on when the news was on, and would turn it off afterwards. What they love to do is have people come over in the house for an afternoon snack, or dinner. In our small community, I think our neighbors know one another because of my parents.

My brother called me up, and told me about their new neighbors, and the weird reactions from our parents during dinner.

A month ago, the Newarks left our neighborhood because Mr. Newark accepted a job offer to work in Malaysia. One of the perks of the job was that he can bring his family with him. They sold their house, and in just a few days, a new family moved in. My mom, as usual, went over and introduced herself to them, and invited them for dinner to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Meeting The Neighbors
The new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell went to the house at 7 in the evening. After all the formalities, the group had dinner. My mom prepared chicken casserole, steamed veggies and roast beef. Jason, the other half of the Campbells said, “Smells great! Good thing there’s no sushi here. I’m allergic to sushi. Every time I eat 80 sushis, I barf.” My brother, Mark, looked at him and snickered. My mom commented, and said that she never did like eating raw food so it never appears on her dining table. To match Jason’s comedic stint, out of the blue, Mark told the group that he just sold his car for $6. My parents were frantic, and were trying not to scream at him when he immediately followed up his statement with, “I didn’t actually sell my last car. I just forgot where I parked it!” The Campbells and my brother laughed while my parents don’t know how to react.

Turns out the couple were also a fan of Parks and Recreation, one of our favorite TV shows! Jason, and Mark talked about the episodes, and the characters as well. Jason even offered to host a weekend wherein all of us can binge-watch (yes, he invited my parents as well)!

Mark said that mom and dad tried their best not to look as if they don’t know what they are talking about, and would laugh when they laughed.

Hearing my brother’s story, I felt sorry for my parents because they didn’t blend well with our new neighbors. At the same time, I am thrilled to go binge-watch with the neighbors this weekend!

I hope this incident will not ruin my mom’s tradition in welcoming neighbors in our home.

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