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“Friends for Life”

This has been our group’s motto since we were in grade school. Even after a couple of decades, a dozen of kids and half a dozen house moves later, we still manage to stay in touch. Not all of it were good times though. Some days two or three of us would fight (we’re a group of five) but in the end, we always try to settle our differences because we see our group as our extended family.

Every year (or when we can make our schedules meet), we choose a house that we’d spend the night and catch up with one another. A night where we just think about ourselves.

It’s my turn this year and I actually wanted to back down. Times got a bit tough for us last 2014, so my family of four had to move back to my parent’s house for a while until we can get back on our feet. My parents welcomed the idea because this means more time with their grandchildren.

I told the girls my situation and they all shrieked. Everyone loves my mom’s cooking especially her chicken casserole and vegetable au gratin. It was set.

Saturday night came and everyone started coming. Janice, Heather, Ginger and Martha. As always, my mom prepared her chicken casserole au gratin for dinner. Janice, our group’s stand up comedian, could not wait for dinner to be finished, so she started acting goofy at the dinner table.


She started off with our favorite cartoon character, Bugs Bunny. Since there were some huge slices of carrots on the gratin, she grabbed one, had a few bites and then said “What’s up Doc?”The whole group was laughing so hard with Janice’s Bugs Bunny impersonation. Just as I was about to do my own version, I saw the puzzled look on both my parents’ faces.

From the look on mom’s face, she’s been itching to ask Janice why she keeps asking the question, but instead, she kept stuffing herself with food.

My family did not have a lot. While most of the people in our neighborhood got television sets in every room, we only share one centrally located in our living room. My dad, being the man of the house, always had it on watching documentaries, and news. As for us kids, what we would do is sneak out from time to time, and watch TV at our friend’s house. There are times that when we do sleep overs, I binge watch whatever is on my friend’s TV that is not about the news, and other boring stuff.

Time For Dessert


Just as my mom was about to ask the question, I stood up and asked if they still have room for dessert. Everyone raised their hand so I quickly asked my mom to help me. She followed me to the kitchen. My mom went to the fridge, and took out the peach crumble pie she made earlier, she casually asked me, “What’s up Doc? But the most important question is, Who is this Doc?” I looked at her and laughed!

She pulled me to one side and asked me if Janice was seeing a psychiatrist or something. She kept pinching me to keep quiet because they could hear us from the dining room.

I just muffled. Luckily, I had my phone with me, and decided to let her view a YouTube video of Bugs Bunny uttering those words. I am not sure if my mom felt relieved that it was just a cartoon show, and that her daughter is not friends with a loon.

The whole scenario really made my day. I wonder if I can submit the story to Reader’s Digest and get featured next month. LOL!

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