Live Long and Prosper

I’ll never forget the night when my friend Charlie stopped by. I was still in my third year of college, so I was still living with my parents. When I was growing up, Charlie was a permanent fixture around our house. Being neighbors, we had gone through elementary and high school together and were like brothers.

Anyway, he was home for spring break and had decided to stop over to say hi and catch up. We hadn’t seen him for about six months! He filled us in on what had been happening in college. Strangely enough, he had very little to say about school itself. He was more excited about the carpet cleaning business that he had started in an effort to make some money, and pay his way through college. Apparently, the business was really taking off!

Charlie had always been a perfectionist. So we weren’t surprised to hear that he started a business and was crushing it. We were surprised, however, to hear that, what started out as a part-time job, had already grown into a business with 11 employees! I have always admired Charlie’s fearlessness. He is never afraid to try anything at least once. And here he was an owner/operator of a small business, was paying his way through college, and living in his own home!

Anyway, that night we had a blast (and got a bit blasted)! We were cracking up, reminiscing about our childhood, all the crazy things we did, and how on earth we were still alive! When my parents came home, they joined us, grabbed some glasses, and threw in some stories from our childhood, which was hilarious to hear from their perspective. All in all, it was a great time, and awesome to reminisce.

Finally, towards the end of the night, and I’ll never forget it, he looked over at my mom and dad, held his right hand up like a policeman trying to stop traffic. He struggled for a second as he carefully spread his third and fourth fingers in the form of a V. Then, in his new role as a businessman said in a monotone, “live long and prosper.” I, of course laughed. My sister laughed and did the same. But my parents shrugged their shoulders, looked at each other, raised their eyebrows, and mom whisped to dad, “What the hell was that all about?”

They, of course, knew nothing about Spock! Leila, Charlie and I, at the time, thought it was hilarious. We didn’t take the time to explain the reference, so they’d get it. Instead, the joke became about them! We were laughing at their expense. I, in retrospect, now feel bad about it all. I guess Leila does too. This is something that we never want to happen again. That’s why is so important to Leila and me.

Help us out. Have any stories of your own?

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