Big Bang Theory

It has been a tiring day today.


I finally got home from work after being in a meeting for four hours! We have a presentation next week for a potential client. Our boss is very keen in getting this major account. He even said that if we do get the client’s approval, he will make sure that we get a bonus for a job well done.

Too tired to prepare my dinner, I decided to switched the TV on and began flipping channels.  Luckily Big Bang Theory was on. My brother, and I love this show! I am not really into science but these guys make me want to learn it again. While watching, I suddenly remembered an incident that just took place last month when my brother, and I had lunch at my parent’s house.


We usually have a once a month Sunday lunch over at my parent’s house. My mom said it is her way of catching up with what is going on in our lives. As for Mikey and I, we also use the time to catch up on our favorite TV show. When we are together, we sound like sports commentators assessing the episodes that we have watched and throwing each other lines of what we have seen on a recent episode.  


Over lunch, my brother announced he was getting married. We were all shocked because he had never mentioned to us before that he was seeing someone.Of course my mom, and I asked him about who she is, what she does, where’d they met, and how did the proposal go.


My brother looked at both of us, and said “Bazinga!


I hit him on his arm, and laughed. Mikey and I were laughing like crazy that I nearly fell of my chair. We were still laughing, and when I turn to my parents, I could see the confused look on my parent’s faces. My dad tried to act cool about it by eating his lunch, but  my mom is unsure whether she should be crying, or not. I wanted to explain but I just couldn’t stop laughing.


After all the laughing had died down, my dad cleared his throat. Our dad clearing his throat meant he is waiting for an explanation for all the laughing. My brother immediately filled in my parents about the Big Bang Theory TV show. While explaining my brother was slowly shifting his voice to sound like Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons in case some of my readers are clueless as well). He then explained that when Sheldon wants to prank one of his friends, he would create a story, and then when he would grasp their attention, and utter the word, “Bazinga!”

My mom looked horrified, and asked if that means my brother is not really getting married. My brother hugged my mom, and said”I am not getting married mom. It was just a joke.” She felt sad because she has already chosen a motif for my brother’s wedding!

Mikey, and I looked at one another, and laughed!


Those were good times, and I have to admit, still makes me laugh. Challenge is on! I need to think of topping that for our next Sunday lunch!


I will do that tomorrow because now, I need to snooze.

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