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Who We Are

My name is Achin and I am a 25-year-old grad student. My younger sister is a pharmacist and her given name is Dhanmati. Somehow as a child, my parents decided that a more Americanized name would be appropriate for her, so we’ve always called her Leila. We were both born in India and then moved here to America when we were toddlers. So, our memories as children essentially begin here in this country.

Our parent’s background is quite different. They were born, raised, and married in Bombay, India. They were both 30 years old when my father’s job transferred all of us to this country. So their backgrounds did not include so many of the idiosyncratic peculiarities and social niceties native to this culture. Many times when lines or phrases are mentioned from old television shows or movies, our parents are utterly lost.

So Leila and I began this site in an effort to help them. This is a blog/database made up of an assortment of some of the strange and unique references often used in social settings, unique to only our dynamic American culture.

We’ve never done this before, so we are welcome to any and all suggestions. We would also welcome other posts. We’re certain that our parents are not the only ones who are lost, or who sometimes have difficulties with the vernacular in this country. So if you have a funny story or two please feel free to contribute!

Achin & Leila